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Music for the Young

The goals of our Music for the Young program are to present innovative projects to young people that inspire interest in classical music and the arts, encourage creativity, and help make the arts an integral part of the school curriculum. We work with students of grades K-12, in both public and private schools. Music for the Young presents events such as short and long-term school residencies, one-shot concerts for assemblies and small groups, full orchestra and wind band coachings, chamber music and solo instrument master-classes, sectionals, and private and group lessons. Ansonia Music Outreach was recently awarded a contract with the New York City Department of Education to work with city schools to help implement their new Blueprint for Teacning and Learning in the Arts.

Music and arts education increases students’ academic achievement, contributes to their personal development and sense of self-worth, and provides them with a language to understand and contribute to the world around them. While some young people are particularly talented in music and the arts, the capacity to use the arts to make the world meaningful is within the potential of all children and adolescents. Our Music for the Young program is dedicated to bringing the joys and discoveries of music to a new generation, and to help in the efforts to establish the arts as an essential element in the education of young people.